The Benefits of Choosing Paintless Dent Repair in Stony Plain


Dents are probably a fact of life of vehicle ownership. Even without getting into collisions, there are a lot of ways a dent can be left on a car. They’re annoying, they make the car look worse, and they might even hurt its value.


What are your options for getting dents removed? There are a few possibilities, but one of the most popular is paintless dent repair in Stony Plain. Paintless dent repair (PDR) isn’t always an option, but when it’s a possibility, it’s often the best choice.


What Is Paintless Dent Repair?


PDR covers a few different techniques for removing dents from cars when the surface paint is intact. As the name suggests, it’s dent repair that does not require any repainting afterward.  


There are several ways PDR can be accomplished. The most common is by sliding metal rods or tabs into the body interior, then pushing the dent outwards to undo it. Glue or suction cups may also be used. However, the technique does require skill and training – the worker needs to be very precise in their work to match the existing body, and to not damage the paint in the process.


Four Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair in Stony Plain


1 – Retaining value

Repainting a car can often damage its resell value, particularly if only one part of the car is repainted. It’s almost impossible for a small area of a car to be repainted without there being a mismatch with the rest of the paint job. Not repainting preserves the car’s value.


2 – Time savings

PDR generally takes much less time than typical bodywork. It’s precise and requires skill, but it usually can be accomplished quickly. This means your car spends less time sitting around in the shop, saving you time.


3 – Cost savings

Since PDR is faster than traditional bodywork, as well as requiring fewer materials -like paint- it’s going to be significantly cheaper than the alternatives.


4 – Environmentalism

Spraying paint isn’t terribly good for the environment, and there’s always the chance of run-off. This makes PDR a much eco-friendlier option.


Not all dents can be repaired via PDR. If you’ve recently picked up some small dings or dents, make an appointment at Grove Collision Repairs to see if PDR can take care of the problem!


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