How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop in Spruce Grove


At Grove Collision Repairs, we know you have a lot of choices when choosing an auto body shop in Spruce Grove – and not all of them are the same. There can be a lot of variation in both the price and quality of body shops in the area, and whether you come to us or our competition, we want you to find a shop which will suit your needs.


If you don’t yet have an auto body shop in Spruce Grove you can rely on, here are five things to consider which can help you choose.


Four Ways to Simplify Your Choices When Looking for A Great Auto Body Shop


1 – Get several estimates.

Unless it’s an absolute emergency, don’t take your vehicle to the first shop you find. Call around, describe your problem, and get some estimates from several different choices. However, be wary of particularly low estimates. If one shop is bidding far below the rest, they’re probably either cutting corners, or else plan on soaking you with fees they “forgot” to mention.


2 – Listen to word-of-mouth.

Talk to your friends, or put a post on your social media feeds asking for suggestions. Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to pick an auto body shop. If people you know had a great experience, chances are good that you will too.


3 – Consider the location.

Simply put: If you go to a body shop in an upscale part of town, chances are you’ll be paying upscale prices since local labor rates will be higher too. In many cases, you’ll be better off looking for a shop in a more middle-class area. The rates will be lower, but the service is unlikely to be much worse, if at all.


4 – Trust your instincts.

Finally, don’t be afraid to walk out the door if you simply don’t like what you see or hear in a shop you visit. Maybe the shop seems cluttered and untidy, even for a repair bay. Maybe the owner seems like he’s not answering your questions directly. Whatever the reason, if your gut is saying “don’t trust these people,” listen to it and find a different shop.


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